Medics Knowledge and Books

Medics Knowledge and Books

It is natural to ask you to stop at some interesting research that conduct together with your team.

In the laboratory of molecular biology and genetics department of medical biology genetic analyzes are carried out to determine the possibility of individual response to treatment with new generations of anti-cancer drugs. Studied mutations in RAS genes of metastatic carcinoma of the colon and mutations in the EGFR gene in advanced non-small cell lung cancer. These pharmacogenetic analyzes are to help colleagues chemotherapist to determine the most appropriate therapy for each patient. This is the future – personalized medicine – the right drug for the right person. It would be wonderful if in the right time, but it depends on the awareness and health education of patients, not only the capabilities of doctors. Our duty is to work for prevention and health maintenance.

For years, together with rheumatologists from Plovdiv and Sofia developing validation of new biomarkers for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Examine the immune and inflammatory response in these diseases. An important direction in our studies are malignant gliomas – the most malignant brain tumors. Together with neurosurgeons and pathologists analyze the cellular and molecular markers and the types of immune cells in these tumors. Object of our interest are a number of natural and synthetic products with medical applications, which studies various effects together with pharmacists, pharmacologists and dentists. Blood group antigens and their relationship to tumor processes has been a longtime theme of the department. The new Technology Center of MU-Plovdiv are committed to the study of the molecular response to chronic stress. Generally we try to combine fundamental to applied science and research to create a product useful for medical practice.

It is there among them wanting to continue your efforts and policies as they become part of the team of the department?


The new law obliges academic development assistants to develop theses, but I sincerely hope that more of them scientific work becomes an obligation in interesting activities and even in need. At this stage the department work quality, ambitious and motivated colleagues, in which many rely.

And one final question – what changes must occur in our health, to make it attractive for young and for those who want to devote themselves to scientific research?

That’s slightly Utopian question. Unfortunately, currently in preclinical medical specialties work a little nurses and fewer will be directed to them. Currently, biologists, biochemists, physicists and other specialists are more attracted to the fundamental medical science than medical. The reason is that before you saw the essence and the attractiveness of scientific inquiry can not choose this path, which is as unknown to most young and insecure. In surest way even being assistant to the general practitioner with a large practice than to do science, for which no funds available, and you have to fight continuously through project financing. We have to outline the scientific priorities to be funded by the state, and to engage them through competition really capable and committed to science people who are assessed as adequate pay, and social status. Their work and achievements to the media coverage and become available to the public and thus raise and prestige of scientists. Only then do science will be “lonely occupation” and prestige and desired career.