Defend yourself from the spring alergies

May 8, 2015

Defend yourself from the spring alergies

Defend yourself from the spring alergies

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Spring is the season when many people start sneezing and sniffling with watery eyes of hay fever – the most common allergic reaction. Although people develop allergies throughout the year to foods, medications, insect bites, by contact with various substances allergy to dust mites are also triggers in the spring.

People with known allergy is better to take their medication before the peak of the season to prepare their bodies for their next attack. It is important to maintain good hygiene of the house: no rugs, mattresses and quilts. There are anti-allergenic pillows and duvets, respectively mattresses and bed covers. Sold antiakaritsidni preparations against house dust mites. They should be regularly wiped dust and frequently changing bed linen. To prefer cleaners with water filter.

Hay fever covers up to ΒΌ of the population in developed countries. Pollen allergy is obtained from those plants that are pollinated by air. Pollen grains are microscopic and can fall into the lower airways. In the most severe cases can lead to asthmatic attack. Allergy begins when you meet for the first time with the allergen and immune system mistakenly identifies it as a threat. The immune system begins to form antibodies that defend it.

It is a method of treatment by allergen immunotherapy (desensitization). The idea is that by administration of small amounts of the offending allergen to develop tolerance to it. Treatment can last up to five years, but gives lasting results.

When you know the triggers allergic attack itself: stress, fear, mental stress, fatigue fizichaska, cigarette smoke, irritating chemicals and automobile exhaust gases can be directed preventive measures to reduce namely additional triggers.

This was our conversation on 21 April 2015 with a radio journalist Svetoslav Nikolov in “About Sofia” program of bTVRadio.