Feet Care

May 9, 2015

Feet Care

Feet Care

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Under the microscope on human foot can detect about 20,000 sweat glands working constantly. In closed shoes after a long walk, especially on a warm day evolved secretions can be found on socks become damp. Poor hygiene legs appear unpleasant odor, especially if your nails grow fungus (onychomycosis). The first symptoms of yeast infection are itching and blisters between the toes. Fungi are extremely stubborn and quickly conquer new territories. It is important to do pedicure. Be sure to wash your feet in the morning and evening with soap. Everyday shoe clean socks. Ventilate the shoes and use antifungal powder or spray for shoes.

In some people, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), as if the feet are soaked forever, creating more food for the growth of bacteria and fungi. Enhance hygiene care. Evening make bath legs with salt. Wear socks of our natural fabrics that easily absorb sweat. For less sweating throughout the day prefer perforated shoes, and in the spring-summer season – cut. The shoes of a lady should be beautiful, attractive, modern, interesting, but the first condition is casual shoes to be comfortable.

The risk of nail fungus can limit, if not wear uncomfortable, nor foreign shoes and slippers. Keep your feet clean and thoroughly dry the spaces between the toes after showering. If you visit a public pool or sauna, do bath feet with baking soda or any of the home remedies against fungi.

Powder against sweating of the feet can prepare themselves 50 g of talc, 5 g alum, 10 g of zinc oxide. Wash and wipe steps, plenty powder your fingers. Alum reduces sweating, zinc blocks bacteria and talc absorbs excess moisture. Convenient means for sweating of the feet is ready Foot Spray with aluminum compounds (mostly aluminum chlorohydrate). If you can not find an effective anti-perspirant, resort to underarm deodorant.