Detox Yourself

May 10, 2015

Detox Yourself

Detox Yourself

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You feel tired, you lack enthusiasm and energy, have trouble sleeping? Buds appear, bags under the eyes or cellulite? These are some of the many signals that show that your Organiser is overloaded. This is not surprising – today’s lifestyle, including poor diet, zasedyavane and continuing pollution of the environment, our overload of toxins that the body is often not able to cope.

The solution? Enjoying the spring to undergo detoxification. More specifically, to remove the blood and lymph accumulated toxic residues. You should know that in the early days you can feel fatigue, mood swings, headaches and minor skin problems. They are a sign that toxins are eliminated. Also, refer that this type of program is designed for people in good general health. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor if you have any doubts about your ability to conduct.

Here are some measures you can take to unload your Organiser of accumulated toxins. For starters, you can try for two weeks, and if you feel better, to continue two more.

Lemon to stimulate the liver

The liver is the main organ in the detoxification process. Despite its many functions, it is mainly responsible for the elimination of waste and neutralize the toxins circulating in the body. To stimulate, start your day with fresh lemon juice mixed with warm water. It knows quite a stimulating and antiseptic action of lemon, but is less well known that it is extremely effective in stimulating congested liver.

Dandelion relieve kidney

The kidneys filter to seven liters of blood per hour and eliminated through urine useless or harmful substances. Dandelion facilitates their elimination function. You can put it in salads, but also to prepare herbal tea, together with rosemary and nettles (four clips of each in half a liter of water) to drink throughout the day.

Rice to expel toxins

If it is necessary to “unblock” the liver and kidneys, it is important to give them the grace to avoid the absorption of new toxins. You must have the will to remove during detoxification meat, cheese, eggs, coffee, chocolate, alcohol, bread and milk. These foods require more effort on the body to be absorbed. To compensate, put in the dishes more fruits and vegetables, raw or cooked, fish, grains, nuts and rice. Thanks to its high levels of potassium, rice stimulates the expulsion of toxins.

Baths with Epsom salts to sweat

Rediscover the virtues of the English salt whose old name is no accident “medical salt.” This is a magnesium salt (found in pharmacies and health food stores), which activates the process of sweating and detoxification of the body. Mix 500 grams of salt in a hot bath, relax fifteen minutes into it and then massage with a towel. When exiting the bathroom, wrap in a bathrobe. May follow sweating heavily and feeling tired, so better to take a bath this evening, twice a week (except for the period of menstruation).

Exfoliate to refresh skin

When the liver and kidneys are overloaded, skin ultimately serves as the output of waste accumulated in the blood. These toxins produce free radicals that accelerate aging and detrimental to good blood circulation. Accordingly, clearing them the smooth skin and fresh complexion. Before bathing rub your body for a few minutes with a stiff brush or loofah (vegetable sponge). Always start with the legs and then up to the upper body. The person use a dry cloth.


Lymph nodes secreted, as the Greeks called it “white blood”. Lymph does contain white blood cells responsible for absorption of dead cells and toxins and their removal from the body. Lymphatic drainage is a form of massage to boost sluggish lymphatic system by stimulating the glands in the neck, armpit, groin, joints, knees and hands. This is normally done by a physiotherapist, as it takes about 10 procedures for “visible” results.

Hydrotherapy colon

This is a kind of washing bowel made with filtered water to remove any debris in the colon. It helps in solving problems with constipation and gas. This is not a panacea and must be accompanied by a review of the way of life, its practice is not justified when the patient is very tired, suffering from colitis or abdominal muscles are too weak to deal with the internal pressure of the water. Colon hydrotherapy is practiced by a doctor or physiotherapist.

Herbal tea for purification

If your body is thirsty for purity, drink more water (not less than one and a half liters per day). Also try infusions (one cup a day) from birch or “cat’s whiskers” – two herbs, Queens of detoxification. First with Diuretic and filtering action recommended against water retention. The second, called “renal tea” helps lower cholesterol.

Movement to promote blood circulation

No Relax program without physical activity. Movement is the best way to activate blood circulation, which in turn helps to eliminate toxins through the lungs (breathing) and sweating, which benefits the lymphatic system. You can choose a physical activity that you enjoy, but you have to move hard at least 30 minutes a day. In the end, fresher skin, less cellulite, supply of energy and again sleep will reward your efforts.