Working tripple shifts and getting half salary

May 20, 2015

Working tripple shifts and getting half salary

Working tripple shifts and getting half salary

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No nurse at home, not to work overtime or two places where each nurse works in one place will have the majority of our health institutions to close their doors. This was stated at a press conference on the occasion of the International Day of Nursing May 12 President of the Bulgarian Association of Healthcare Professionals Milka Vasileva. Bulgarian nurses work for three, and receive half pay, they are most often the victims of violence at work, burnout is a frequent companion in their work. Poor working conditions, disparagement of employers and the lack of a system of clear rules of professional qualification and periodic training are strong disincentives that discourage graduates and push them to seek realization abroad. Thus, participants in the conference summarized

the status of the profession with date

and supported his allegations with facts: 26,200 are currently employed nurses, besides them in the medical establishments of our permanent labor contract are still 3,500 nurses in retirement. Realistically, however, the country needs 55,000 nurses and 12,000 health care professionals in other professions. So it turns out that the country is falling 3.5 nurses per 1,000 inhabitants, while the rate for EU countries is at least 7 nurses per 1,000 people. 1 doctor here falls 0.9 nurse, thus our country lacks even the minimum recommended ratio for Europe 1 doctor, 2 nurses.

Adequate legislative changes to bring the profession of state of crisis and ensure the opportunity for normal work, career development and realization of nurses, it was clear from what was said at the press conference. From BAPZG expressed the opinion that it is necessary to amend the Law on Health and Hospitals Act to regulate the profession of nursing in stages according to the competence level of qualification and responsibility, while at the same time introduce and practice of supervision.

The introduction of autonomous practice for nurses

It is another important issue that needs to find a legislative solution without delay opinion expressed by the Professional Association. We want to be better heard and understood correctly – not about what treatment to appoint or recommend, which are the responsibility solely of doctors are aware of their abilities and with the responsibility we have stressed nurses. They explained that they believe legislative change must go towards establishing standards for the training and professional activities that are in line with the recommendation of the European directive in this area and comply with international best practices.

“In our country there is no regulation on the perimeter and volume of health care,

for medical care from nurses in schools and nurseries for example. Talks about health care centers, speaking centers for health and social services, but this type of activities are not regulated by clear legislative framework. To practice safely nurses, midwives, therapists must have confidence that their activity is regulated and governed by specific rules, “said Milka Vasileva. She pointed out that at the moment Bulgaria has good examples of projects of UNICEF and Red Cross – organizations that work with children and the elderly in their homes. According to her, this experience must be enclosed in an appropriate form after these practices find a place in our legislation. Aging population, the need for care will increasingly grow, society must be aware of this and understand that nurses are an important resource and can be a factor for change in good health, said the president of the professional organization. Ethics in relationships is also important to us, so we develop uniform rules for ethical behavior in the workplace, they will soon be ready and will provide our regional colleges, assured by the organization.

The new ordinance definitely gives better opportunities for specialization of nurses expressed the opinion of BAPZG and assured that their organization will continue to work with the institutions to more opportunities for specialized training in various clinical areas. Profiled sisterhood developed already teach oncology nurses have interest in other specialties, the direction is clear and will collaborate in this cause, also said the association.

Do not think that the proposed Minister Moskov salary of 1,000 lev is sufficient for our responsible and skilled labor, we will insist

the starting wage rates can be up to three minimum wages

They announced more than BAPZG. It is true that over the years increasing numbers of admission of students in specialty “nurse”, last year there were 730 places now expect the number to increase by another 50, all this shows that institutions account the realities pointed nurses. However, they did not fail to recall that if conditions in the country do not change, the system will continue to be gasping for lack of personnel and medical services and care will become more difficult and poor.

At the celebration in the capital today were bestowed honors outstanding nurses from various medical institutions and structures in health care system. It was reported that an international meeting of representatives of national associations of nurses in Seoul in June BAPZG will received the Gold medal for his active work to promote the prestige and reputation of the nursing profession. “We are assessed in Europe and the world, but not here,” said on this occasion nurses and wished to gain more understanding and better treatment from society, but also more attention from institutions that take management decisions Health.