Questions about the medics today

May 27, 2015

Questions about the medics today

Questions about the medics today

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Prof. Sarafyan more readily Do you believe that prospective students or today reported a decline in the interest and level of applicants medicine? I ask this question by considering the fact that your department takes future doctors at the entrance of the high school and hardly difficult at the beginning to identify gaps in basic knowledge and lack of motivation …

Tough question …. Interest in medicine does not fall and hope to maintain, because it’s really beautiful, though heavy and very demanding profession. As regards the level of prospective students, I can say that unfortunately most of them, though they made a huge effort in preparing for entrance exams are generally poorly prepared in secondary school. Since the average grade of the diploma is not Scoring, one of the students and young people in the country are semi-literate and limited general knowledge. Especially in medicine such status is unacceptable. And students and teachers in their first year is very difficult to catch up in school and most importantly – to build a system for learning, and to stimulate analytical thinking. We are indebted to our students because some of them are very intelligent, smart and thoughtful people, but there was no one to help them grow.

How changed over the years teaching medical biology approaches Does it to clinical medicine?

Teaching medical biology, as most other disciplines MU-Plovdiv is updated continuously and this process is very dynamic. We can not afford another approach, because current trends in medicine are personalized and molecular medicine. As in the diagnosis and in the treatment of many diseases entering the methods of molecular biology and immunology, which are present in our study program. Modern oncology, rheumatology, endocrinology and many other fields of medical and pharmaceutical science and practice related to the achievements of molecular and cell biology. We try, although it is very difficult for this to be realized even in the first year to show our students the application of discipline in clinical medicine.

You are known as a consistent advocate for the introduction of a new organization and new teaching formats that allow for creative realization of medical students from the very beginning – public defenses of thematic surveys included in the project, etc. They give you young people these efforts?

I sincerely hope you appreciate it. No one ever received 100% support and positive evaluation for his efforts. I do not hope so, but I believe that the best example and enthusiasm are contagious. Even if only a few students and postgraduates to be able to “flammable”, to support, to inspire – this is already virtuous and rewarding. I am glad that my job gives me the opportunity for daily contact with young and intelligent people for contact with new ideas and ambitions for development. Our task is to support them.

And when the collapse occurred at them, at which point decide that their realization is impossible in Bulgaria and the only way for their future job abroad?

I think that this depends largely on the family environment and emotional attitude. There are young people who choose to stay here or go out again and returned, although there had chances for realization. To students in higher courses added disappointment or teachers who irresponsibly apply to training or mixed system in healthcare, the unclear status of graduate students from the inability to learn and develop in the direction in which they wish … Maybe financial reasons would be superimposed to all this, but they are leading. It is very sad if you think that after years no one heal us, because some of the best young doctors will not treat their compatriots and others elsewhere.

And as our conversation was prompted by the anniversary occasion – anniversary of your department, let’s stop and the participation of young nurses in the conference, to organize …

Department of Medical Biology celebrates 70 year anniversary in parallel with the great anniversary of MU-Plovdiv, because we are the first based departments. The first lecture in the new Faculty of Medicine in Plovdiv in 1945 was the lecture “Introduction to Biology”, delivered in kinasalon “Balkan” by Dr. Radoi Popivanov – later academician and Minister of Public Health.

This year, our Department is hosting the Eleventh National Conference on Medical Biology. From 15 to May 17 in the auditorium complex of MU-Plovdiv have met teachers from all biological departments of higher medical schools and BAS scientists working in the field of biology. Traditionally, the plenary lectures are exported from young scientists who have defended dissertations in the two-year interval between conferences. I note with satisfaction that 7 plenary report, 4 are assistants of our Department. M. Philippi, M. Kazakova N. Mehterov and January Feodorova are already doctors of biology and each developing separate scientific direction of the department